History Projects in the Cloud

Cutting edge technology for the History Classroom. A focused collaboration space with a trusted and extensive research library

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Technology designed for History Classrooms, and perfect for Junior Cycle. Our expertise is in Web and App development and we're excited to showcase this cloud based application providing cutting-edge collaboration and research tools for your classroom.

  • Specifically designed for History CBAs
  • Junior Cycle Project Modules
  • "A Life in Time" | "The Past in my Place"
  • Easy collaboration on any project
  • All content and materials in one place
  • Focused Research Library
  • Perfect for your E-Portfolios

For Teachers

Junior Cycle History CBAs sorted!
Easy collaboration and admin for all your history projects


For Students

Technology that just works!
App interfaces your students expect - Fully optimised for mobile


How does it work?

Watch our library of walk-through videos and see the system in action!


Watch a walk-through of the Teachers Dashboard | Students Admin | Projects Admin


Watch a walk-through of the Student experience | Creating a Project | Adding Content


Watch a full project from start to finish for both Teachers and Students | Fast Forward


Easy access with Magic Code


A quick look at your Dashboard


A look at the Research Library


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Get a head-start on your classroom organisation for 2020/21. If you pre-order now, you can also avail of our set-up support. Our dedicated team will guide you through your classroom set-up and have you ready to rock for September. Also, please visit our education page where you can join our History Ambassadors community and have your say.

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A. is a collaborative project builder designed for History Classrooms.
A. Each student has access to the workspace where they can create their projects, add images, audio, video and captions, access their research library - a place where they can collaborate with their teacher, get feedback and approval & display their project like a pro - all directly in the app.
Watch our student walk-through video to learn more..

The teacher’s dashboard is a clear overview of all students, what projects they are working on and the status of each project. From here, the teacher can easily collaborate, review & approve in line with JC learning outcomes, key skills & principles.
Watch our teacher walk-through video to learn more..

A. Students can access their projects forever.
Even after the school subscription has expired, each student can still use their login to access their projects.
A. Our research library uses cutting edge technology to match your location with useful research resources like local libraries, museums, attractions and historians.
A. From our experience working with history teachers and students throughout Ireland and Europe, we have gained valuable knowledge in the process of historical research. We have watched frustrated students trying to find reliable information, and trying to navigate vast collections of historical data online. We are leveraging that experience to produce our research library | Watch our walk-through video to find out more... – We provide handy guides to using the census, military archives, genealogy sites, and we can recommend some really cutting edge research tools. We also stay connected to many vibrant and expert history communities and we spend lots of time listening to their advice on history education. Our team is busy collating and reviewing new and interesting information all the time, to find data and research that we hope can be useful for your history projects, and above all, that will engage and inspire your students.
A. Our research library is built right into the student's project space. This helps the student to focus on research and avoid getting lost online. Our research library acts as an expert starters guide to your chosen subject, fast tracking your students research journey, and ensuring an open door to the right resources.
A. Linked sources will auto-populate in the referencing element of your project. Your footnotes automated. When a student includes information from a webpage or linked resource, our technology will cleverly populate the references element of your student’s project. This is a real time-saver in the creation of any project.
A. It means exactly that. Unlimited students, unlimited projects. Your students can use this technology throughout the JC, unlimited means they can practice their CBAs as much as they want, use it for other history projects and collect content for other areas of their coursework. They can use MHP as a digital portfolio.

We recommend that you use 1 subscription for 1 classroom (so approx 30 students) to help keep your dashboard streamlined and focused. But, it is up to each school how they want to use the system. For more information on discounted rates and multiple subscriptions, please contact us at
A. If you pre-order the software, you are essentially getting set-up early. When you pre-order, we will take your details, and we will get your account set-up and ready to go. You can access your dashboard and get your classroom set-up for the year ahead.

Please note: You will not be charged until the subscription begins in September.
If you choose to pre-order using PayPal, we will take your details to get you set-up, but you won’t be charged until September. If you choose to request an invoice, again we will get your account set-up immediately, but the invoice due date is September 2020. Essentially, pre-order gives you the chance to get familiar with the system, and it gives us the chance to ensure you are up and running before school begins.

Remember: Pre-order before 30-June-2020 to receive our Early Adopter discount of €100.